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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


We don’t dream big dreams because we want to let ourselves down. We don’t dream big dreams because we like disappointment. We don’t set big goals because we love the bitter taste of failure. We dream big dreams and set big goals because we want to truly live our lives. We want to reach what sometimes seems unattainable. We want to live a bigger life than what we are currently living. We want to become not only successful but significant. That is why we dream big dreams. That is why we set enormous goals.

No matter what difficulties you are facing, always remember it’s possible if you believe. No matter what you are going through, or what your situation is, remember it’s possible to live the life of your dreams. One of the finest acceptance speeches I’ve ever heard is Russell Crowe accepting his Oscar for his role in Gladiator. He said, “Dreams like this at times seem like they are ludicrous and completely unattainable, but this moment is directly connected to those childhood imaginings. For anybody who is on the down side of advantage and relying purely on courage… it’s possible.”

He dreamt about being an actor. He dreamt as a child of winning an Oscar. He thought it was ludicrous at times. Others thought it was completely unattainable, but he persisted. He endured. He was resilient. That is the way we live the life of our dreams. We need to persist, no matter what difficulties we are facing. We need to endure. We need to be resilient. What complicated circumstances are you going through right now? Often, we know we are on the right track if we are running into challenges. We need to remember that the most demanding of circumstances are the best chances for us to grow as people. When we endure times of difficulty, our character develops.

I hope you keep moving in the direction of your wildest dreams. I hope you realize that the most ludicrous and seemingly unattainable dreams and goals are those that will develop you the most as a person. Don’t let roadblocks get in your way. Realize that the biggest goals are those that will challenge us the most. When we are challenged we have the choice to either give up or get better. I hope you choose to get better. The biggest goals are also those that mean the most when they are accomplished. Set big goals. Put in the work. Persist. Endure. Be resilient. Put in the work and the endurance today so you can live the tomorrow of your dreams.

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