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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


How successful would you be if you always did what you should do even though you didn’t fell like doing it? Honestly, I don’t feel like writing right now, but it’s something I should do, even though I don’t feel like doing it. If you only worked when you felt like it, when would you? Would your projects ever get done? Those who succeed do so even when they don’t feel like it.

The next time when you don’t feel like doing something, Just Do It! Commit to starting. I have found I dread things before I start them, but when I start, it’s very seldom as bad as I had dreaded. One of the most difficult parts of life is just getting started. Just start working out and you’ll want to continue. Just start making the calls and it doesn’t seem as bad. Just get out of bed. Just start. Force yourself to do something for five minutes: walking, running, phoning, lifting weights, getting out of bed. Then after five minutes, all of a sudden it is much better and much easier to keep going.

I hope you can take action when you don’t want to. Jump out of bed. Get excited about the menial tasks you have to do and they don’t seem as bad. Most tasks are hard if the attitude is, “I should.” The same task is much easier if the attitude is, “I am excited to!” What can you get more excited about? What can you start on now? Ignore your feelings of laziness and unwillingness. Let “I don’t want to” drift away, better yet, prove to yourself you can start with the attitude of “I don’t want to” or “I don’t feel like it.” If you can do something you don’t want to, you are capable of anything! Just Do It! Start! Begin now! Live today whether you want to or not!

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