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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Millions of people live in the past. Many people won’t let the past just be behind them, and because of this they can’t see the future clearly. Often times, the past is like a fog, we need to get beyond it to clearly see our future. Is your past currently holding you back? Do you continue to make excuses for poor past behavior? Are you letting a negative situation from your childhood affect how you live today?

We need to let go of our past if we are going to move on to our future. Are you willing to forgive others for what they have done to you? Are you willing to forget what has happened? Our past has formed our present, but it shouldn’t form our future. What we do today forms our future. Those who have accomplished great things didn’t let their past get in their way. Those who accomplish great things don’t let their past failures disrupt their dreams for the future.

Responsibility is the key to releasing the past. If we don’t accept responsibility for our past, we most likely won’t accept responsibility for our future. If we want to live great lives we can’t shunt our responsibility for past meager performances onto others. We can no longer make excuses for our past. We need to become accountable for our past if we wish to take advantage of our future. We can’t go through life blaming others yet hoping the future will be bright. We need to take responsibility for what we have done. Then, and only then, can we honestly expect to live a life beyond our past, while reaching into our future.

I hope you can move past your past. I hope you can allow the past to drift behind you. Nobody said this journey would be easy, but everybody is expected to take responsibility for themselves. Once we turn eighteen, we can’t blame others for our current predicaments; we need to take full advantage of where we are and move forward. You can never be who you want to be if you keep living in the past. Learn to forgive and forget, no matter how difficult it might be. Develop a sense of responsibility for yourself and your actions. There are few things more powerful than a sense of personal responsibility. Once we accept responsibility for our past, we are then ready to deal with our future. Accept the past for what it is and take responsibility. Be responsible for your future. Become responsible for today’s actions and live the tomorrows of your dreams.

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