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There is nothing like going after your dreams.

Motivate us when we don't want to do the work,
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Make the journey exciting.

I hope these will help you live the life of your dreams, inspire You to become a better person, and add value to your life.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


We all have dreams and aspirations. We all have long- and short-term goals that we want to achieve. We all want to be a well-rounded person. What gets in our way? One of the major factors holding us back is our memory. We simply forget what we are working towards. We let ourselves get distracted. We let ourselves get off track and off purpose. What is your purpose? What are your dreams?

I hope you have a journal. You can put whatever you want into it. Jim Rohn has an amazing audio CD about how to effectively keep a journal. A journal is like a map, it helps you get to your destination with minimal difficulty. If you have a map, you follow it. You never forget where you are headed. You never take a wrong turn if you are following the path you planned.

It is the same idea with a journal. If you have a journal, you can look at it often and see what your goals are, what your dreams are, who you want to become, what you want to accomplish. Put your plans in your journal. Look at them often. Follow the map you made for yourself. Remind yourself often by looking at your journal. We don’t need multitudes of motivation; we just need to be reminded where we are going. If we always keep in mind where we are going, we have a much better chance of getting there. Where are you going? What are you working for? What are your goals and dreams?

I hope you can remind yourself often of where you are headed. One of our biggest problems with the journey to success is simply forgetting why we are working. We forget why we want to have great lives. We forget who we want to become. We forget who is most important in our lives. We forget why we want to lose weight. When we forget, we fall into old habits. I hope you don’t fall into those old habits. I hope you can create your path, put it in your journal, and remind yourself of that path often. Find multiple places to remind yourself of your goals. On your mirror, in your phone, in your planner. Constantly remind yourself of what you want, and you will soon receive that which you desire.

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