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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


There is so much more to living than just being alive. Most of the people we run into during our every day lives are simply going with the flow. They don’t really take advantage of their lives. They think opportunities will come knocking. They think their dreams will be lived if they just get by in their work. They think if they can go out and have enough pleasure that they will be fulfilled. They are wrong.

In my life, I have found that there are three things that I have done to really create the life of my dreams. First, take action. Second, develop resilience. Third, let philosophies guide my life.

Nothing great in this world was ever accomplished without action. Those who accomplish grand plans aren’t those who just think great thoughts, but those who take action and accomplish what they set out to accomplish. Those who are continually great are the ones who take continual action. Are you on the path to becoming continually great? Are you taking continual action?

We all run into obstacles. We all run into roadblocks. Those who endure through the pain, the suffering, the injustice, and the difficulties are the ones who succeed. Those who give up are the ones you see with blank faces as you walk past on the sidewalk. You can tell somebody who has been resilient because it is the person with a grin. There are few greater feelings than persisting through difficulty and ending up at the finish line. Accept the past for what it is; take continual action to create the future of your dreams.

Some people think philosophies have to be overwhelmingly difficult ideas. Synonyms of the word philosophy are attitude, viewpoint, thinking, ideas, and beliefs. We all need philosophies in life. We all need guiding beliefs. Last night, I was reading Perfectly Yourself by Matthew Kelly and he mentioned we all have beliefs. How are your beliefs guiding your life? What do you believe in? How are your philosophies guiding your life? How are your philosophies of life helping you create the life of your dreams?

I hope you can develop these three areas more into your life. As I think of the leaders and people I greatly admire and respect, I realize almost every single one of them has an abundance of each of these areas. They take continual action. They are resilient when they run into obstacles. They have guiding philosophies that will not let them get off course. The reason I put guiding philosophies last is I don’t want people to think they have to spend years developing philosophies, then take action. Develop personal philosophies while you are taking action and while you are being resilient. If we wait for the perfect time to get going, we will be forever stuck at the starting line. Take action today. Don’t wait for "someday" because it will never get here. Develop resilience along the journey. Remember the easy path is easy for a reason. True achievement comes from enduring through the difficult journey. Develop personal philosophies that will guide you to where you want to end up. Strive to become the best version of yourself. Start developing these three areas today. Continue for the rest of your life. Create the life of your dreams.

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