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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


If your ship isn’t coming in, swim out to meet it. How many people do you know that wait for their ship to come in, wait for the girl to call, wait for the opportunity to appear, wait for the grades to magically get better, or for their kids to improve? A miniscule amount of significant acts will ever happen in our lives without taking action. People wait for their ship to come to the dock; little do they know it is tendered out in the ocean. People wait their whole lives, in sight of what they want, waiting for life to come to them. We need to take the initiative, go out there, and perform.

Patience is a virtue, but if you wait too long, the virtue might be gone. Patience is great, especially when paired with action. We can’t expect to wait and hope for our life to improve by itself. We can’t wait for our relationships to get better without us doing anything about them. We can’t hope for the phone to ring. We need to take action. We need to either sail or swim out and meet our ship. We need to pickup the phone and do the work to improve our lives daily, and make a consistent effort to become the best we can possibly be.

This is a call to action. People aren’t defined as much by who they are, but by what they do. Name one person who didn’t do anything, yet is a raging success. You can’t think of any can you? Success requires action. Sustained success requires consistent action. What can you do today to move yourself in the direction you most desire? Those who retire early and sit back to enjoy their lives have put in not only the hours but the effort necessary to achieve their success. Those who aren’t able to retire are those who let the hours pass by. Both had the time, only one took the action. Why does one twin succeed and the other fail? Because of action, or the lack of it. Same genes. Same parents, same school, sometimes the same friends and teachers. One took action, and one didn’t. Action will rule your destiny.

I hope you take action. I hope you swim out to meet your ship. Don’t just tread water hoping the ship will come to you. Don’t spend your life waiting for something to happen. Take the first steps today. Continue those steps each day for the rest of your life. The sprinter doesn’t win the marathon, he who takes steady pace wins. The person who spends eighty hours at the office for a month or two will get burned out. He who is able to take consistent action and apply it to his or her daily life will be the person who wins. I hope you can take the daily steps on the road of life to get to the destination of your dreams. Swim out and meet your dreams!

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