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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Too often we seek what is easy instead of what will make us grow. I was reading Perfectly Yourself by Matthew Kelly last night and this quote stuck out at me: “Let us not seek what is easy. Let us seek what is possible.” There are so many people who just seek what is easy. They want the easy answers, the easy road, the easy diet, the easy workout, the easy way out, the easy way to the top, and the easy lifestyle.

Instead of aiming for what’s easy, shoot for what’s possible. The question becomes: what is possible in my life? How great can you become? What can you accomplish in your short life? How much can you give back to your community? What dreams could you achieve if you truly put your mind to them?

We have to stop looking for what’s easy and start searching for what’s possible. Here is a tip: possible and probable shouldn’t go in the same sentence. If something is possible, yet it is probable, there is something bigger you can shoot for. If your goal is to sell $1000 and it is extremely probable, it becomes easy. It is possible, but it is easy. Raise your standards. Raise your goal. Shoot higher. True achievement doesn’t come from achieving what’s probable, but by reaching inside yourself and achieving something that was once improbable.

Landing on the moon was once improbable. Running a four-minute mile was once improbable. Travelling the speed of sound was once improbable. Flying across the ocean was once improbable. Climbing mountains was once improbable. Think about it. Almost everything you do in your day-to-day life was at once time improbable. Driving your car. Talking on the phone. Riding a bike. Seeing clearly without glasses. Heating up food without fire. Watching television. The list goes on and on.

Don’t strive for what’s probable. Strive for what’s improbable. Strive for what’s possible. Stretch yourself. Create such a life that you are always growing and improving. As I look back on my short life, some of the moments I cherish most are those when I was forced to grow and forced to improve. Those times that I made myself uncomfortable in order to better my life. Those times that I was really stretching what I thought I was capable of. Those times that I set bigger goals than I had ever set before. Those times I dreamed bigger dreams that I had ever dreamt before.

I hope you strive for what’s possible instead of what’s probable. Nobody grows by hitting a goal that is probable. Nobody improves by seeking the easy way out. Growth comes through difficulty. True growth comes from reaching for the improbable. Lasting growth comes from setting big goals, committing to the work necessary to achieve those goals, and persevering through the difficulties along the way. Don’t settle for what’s easy. Reach for what’s improbable. Set big goals. Dream big dreams. Seek what is improbable along the path to your dreams.

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