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There is nothing like going after your dreams.

Motivate us when we don't want to do the work,
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Make the journey exciting.

I hope these will help you live the life of your dreams, inspire You to become a better person, and add value to your life.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Often motivation is what gets us started. We are motivated to lose weight, to work hard, to eat healthy, to save money, to develop better relationships, or to develop a better family life. Motivation is a great tool to have, but it isn’t what keeps us going. Motivation is great to have but we can’t depend on motivation to pull us through the tough times in life. Motivation is useful, but we definitely can’t depend on others to motivate us along the path to where we want to end up. Motivation is a very useful short-term tool. What we need are long-term success tools. Two of which are habits and willingness.

Motivation gets us started; habits keep us going. Motivation is often what makes us start, but the habits in our lives will keep us going. If we develop the right habits, we will live the lives of our dreams. We simply need to take the daily steps towards our goals. We cannot procrastinate and hope for our dreams to come true. We must act. We cannot depend on short-term motivation. We must develop our own long-term habits. We cannot wait for opportunities to knock on our door. We must go out and create the life we want. We create the lives of our dreams by developing the correct habits today.

When we have the right habits in place and the willingness to act, difficult situations that arise aren’t as ominous. The willingness to act and the correct habits are a powerful combination, and often end up with success. Too often people get discouraged and quit. Too often we think barriers are bigger than they seem. Too often we forget all we need is willingness and the right habits. Develop a willingness to overcome any obstacle in your life. Develop habits that will help you achieve the life you have always wanted.

I hope you develop a willingness to succeed and bring the right habits along with. The “right” habits are different from person to person, but you must find out what they are for you. If we have the right habits, all we have to do is endure. If we have the willingness to do what it takes, endurance is not a problem. Develop a willingness to overcome any difficulty that presents itself. It is powerful when a person combines the willingness to do what is necessary with the habits that create success. The habits create the action. The willingness creates long-term internal inspiration to overcome obstacles. Develop both willingness and habits in your life and watch your dreams blossom and bloom.

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