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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


John Maxwell says, “Time management is an oxymoron.” Many people spend a large amount of time learning about time management. We read books, take courses, talk to people, and listen to speeches about time management. So what is the secret? What are all of these people looking for? First, we must understand that we can’t really manage time. We can’t add an hour here or borrow an hour from tomorrow so today will be longer. We can’t manage time itself.

We can, however, manage ourselves and this begins with our priorities. What is a priority in your life? What priorities will bring you closer to your dreams? If you can effectively manage and act upon your priorities, you will instantly become a better “time manager.”

Our main problem is not that we don’t have enough time; our problem is that we don’t use that time correctly. Millions of people complain about not having enough time while others, with the same amount of time, are flourishing in their lives. These people who are successful have their priorities straight. They know what must be done and they do it. They don’t watch TV when they know they should be working. They don’t sit down to eat a bag of potato chips when they know they should be working out. They don’t surf the internet when they know they should be making calls. They don’t go party when they know they should be studying.

In essence, there are two important steps along the path to becoming effective in the marketplace. The first step is knowing what must be done. This is all about having the right priorities. What are your priorities? Will your priorities guide you to the success you desire or will your lack of direction hold you back? The second step is taking action. We must take the action necessary to achieve the success we desire. Will your actions bring you towards the success you dream about or will your lack of action hold you back?

I hope you know what your priorities are. Don’t try to manage time. Instead, develop important priorities in your life. In order to know what our priorities are, we must first know what our dreams and goals are. Start reaching towards your dreams. Develop the priorities that will bring you closer to the success you dream of. Take the actions that will lead you towards your dreams. God Bless You.

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