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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


We all face difficulties in life. Sometimes we think the difficult moments are out to get us. Few people realize difficulties are simply there to make us better. In the movie Evan Almighty, God (played by Morgan Freeman) says that He doesn’t give us patience; He gives us chances to be patient. He doesn’t give us strength; he gives us chances to be strong. He doesn’t make us better; He gives us chances to improve ourselves. Many of these chances we get are what we call difficulties and adversities.

One of the great measures of your life is how you face adversity and obstacles. Many people crumble under the pressure. Few people grow despite the situation. What path will you take? Will you stay down or will you keep getting up? Will you let the failure become permanent or will you only allow it to be a pit stop along the journey? It’s up to you. Nobody can decide for you. Nobody can act for you. Nobody can make you successful but you. What can you do today to face the adversity you are currently struggling to overcome?

People despise adversity, yet there would be no victory without it. If you ran across the goal line in a football stadium with a football underneath your arm, and you were all alone, that wouldn’t be a touchdown. That would just be going for a run. You need the three-hundred-pound lineman chasing after you trying to knock your head off. After you get past him, you need to dodge ten of his surprisingly fast friends. This time, when you cross the goal line, it is a touchdown. You need adversity in your life in order to win the great game of life.

I hope you realize you need adversity in your life in order to truly succeed. Success without adversity seems hollow. It doesn’t truly seem like success. When the Championship game is a blowout, nobody gets excited. What’s exciting is the touchdown with five seconds to go. Adversity helps create the great drama of life. Difficulty makes life exciting. My hope is that you face whatever difficulty you might be facing and grow from it. Don’t think for a second that you are the only one who faces misfortune. Each person does. The measure of your life will be how you face that misfortune. Will you let that misfortune shape your life? Or will you face misfortune, adversity, and difficulty with a sense of purpose, with a determination to succeed, with a willingness to overcome anything in your path, and with a resilience that will never fade? Live the life of your dreams. Let adversity help you build a life of greatness, success, and significance. God Bless You!

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