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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Winston Churchill said, “I will never worry about action. Only inaction.” Are you taking the action necessary to achieve your dreams and live the life you want to live? Many times, we see people on TV living their dreams, not realizing the action they have put forth. Many times, we see people on stage receiving recognition, not realizing the months and years they have devoted themselves to their craft. We can all become better by taking more action.

What action will you take today? Our dreams don’t come true all-at-once. They come true with action and the gentle progress of time. What are you doing today to make sure your time is well-spent? Those who achieve the success they desire take advantage of each day. Yesterday was important because it brought you to today. Today, however, is more important because it will bring you to the tomorrows of your life.

What you are unwilling to do today, you will be unwilling to do tomorrow. Some people say they will wait until tomorrow. What is going to change then? Is the economy going to turn around overnight? Are you going to have a motivational dream to inspire you to take action? Is your mentor going to call you and tell you to take action? No! These won’t happen. The greatest test of tomorrow’s promise of action is the action you take today. If you are taking action today, there is a good chance you will tomorrow as well.

Take action today. What steps can you take today towards your dreams? What calls can you make? What exercises will you do? What will you eat or not eat? What changes will you make in your life? Our life isn’t defined by what is going on around us; it is defined by the actions that we take. Are the actions you are taking leading you towards your dreams? Are you even taking action?

I hope you take the action necessary to live the life of your dreams. Progress is all life asks for. If your life was a body of water, would it be a stagnant pond or a flowing river? Are you constantly flowing towards your dreams with an upbeat attitude or are you letting yourself get stuck in the quicksand of procrastination? Take action today. If you don’t act today, you probably won’t tomorrow either. Today is the most important day of your life. Use it well. Take the steps today. Take necessary action today. Keep your dreams in mind. Don’t forget where you are headed while you are taking the action. Form the life of your dreams. Create the life of your dreams. Live big the rest of your life by taking action today!

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