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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


One of the greatest flaws of our society is that people think they can get something for nothing. This idea shows up in many college students and recent graduates. Many college students think they can just drift through college, drink and party all they want, study sparingly, cram for tests, eat unhealthy, and still get the job of their dreams. These kids are very misguided. They graduate from college with mediocre grades and expect a job at the top of a company. When a college graduate comes in for an interview, often all the interviewer sees is someone who is overweight with average grades and no job experience. This interviewee doesn't even understand why they didn't get the job. We can't expect to get something great with only a minimal effort.

People think they can get something for nothing. We all need to realize this isn't true. You aren't going to lose the weight just because you bought the ab machine on that provocative infomercial. Most people know the two steps to losing weight: eat healthy, workout. They just don't do it. Most people know the steps to achieving financial independence: spend less than you make, save ten percent or more of what you make. Most people know what it takes to be successful in their field: work hard despite the obstacles. They just don't do these things. They want the easy way out. They want overnight success.

These steps to success in your life are simple. It's simple to save. It's simple to work hard. It's simple to eat healthy and to workout. The problem is that very few people do this. They want the easy way out. There is no easy way to success. The road to success is paved with hard work and diligence.

What can you do today to work harder and become more diligent? What can you do this week to start creating your dream? How have you been hoping your dreams would just come true? Most people dream big dreams when they are young, but they run into difficulty and obstacles. The dreams turn into mere hopes. They hope for the best. They hope life will turn out. They hope the economy will turn around. Hope is great, but it doesn't help if you don't attach action to it. We need to let our dreams drive us. We need to chase our dreams. We can't just hope life will turn out for the best; we must create the future we desire if we are going to truly live great lives.

I hope you realize there is no easy path to success. A college degree accompanied by miserable grades will most likely not get you the job you desire. Overnight success is a myth created by the media so they can sell you promises of overnight success. The miracle diets don't work; the only solution to weight loss is eat healthy and workout. Burn more calories than you eat. All of these ideas are simple, but not always easy to do. Don't let society sell you on the fact that you can get something for nothing. It's impossible. The equation simply doesn't work. Dream big dreams. Decide which dreams you want to chase. Commit to the effort. Work hard. There is no better feeling than working hard and accomplishing a dream because of it. Don't just hope the life of your dreams will show up on your doorstep. Create the life of your dreams, and live that life for the rest of your days! God Bless You

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