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Friday, September 10, 2010


Theodore Roosevelt said, “Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.” Don’t hold back on life. Don’t wait until the opportunity presents itself. I heard somebody call recession “a time of opportunity.” Some are taking this opportunity to save money, to work hard, to gain skills and knowledge, and to look forward to the future while creating a solid foundation. Others are just hoping times will improve. Don’t just hope. Do something about the situation!

Those who just hope for things to get better are those who “live in the gray twilight.” They sit around hoping for their surroundings to improve. They hope for the economy to improve. They wait until the phone rings. Those who are on the path to success don’t care what the economy is doing; they work hard and improve themselves either way. They create their future. Even though their lives are “checkered with failure,” they “dare mighty things” and eventually “win glorious triumphs.”

What kind of a person are you? Do you sit around hoping taxes will go down and the economy will improve? The great business philosopher Jim Rohn talks about when he was young, he used to say, “Things are too expensive.” His mentor responded, “Things are not too expensive, you just can’t afford them.” Up until then, Jim hoped the economy would get better and that prices would go down. Once he realized things weren’t too expensive, and the fact that he couldn’t afford them, he started working on himself instead of complaining about the economy. We can’t change the economy but we can have a major impact on our own lives!

I hope you start working on yourself and not worry about what the state of the economy is. Yes, we should know what is going on in our nation, but we cannot let that deter us from creating the life of our dreams. The great basketball coach John Wooden once said, “Don’t let making a living interfere with making a life.” If your main focus is simply making a living, that’s all you will do, you’ll just survive. If you are focused on creating the life of your dreams and work hard towards that, your dreams will come true. What are you focused on? What dreams drive you? Are you willing to put in the work to live the life of your dreams? Are you going to focus on what you can affect or are you going to complain about the economy? Let others complain while you take action. Let others whine while you work hard. Let others gripe about their lives while you are living a great life. Create the life of your dreams. Create the life you want. “Dare mighty things”. Understand your life will be “checkered with failures.” Then “win glorious triumphs.” Create the life of your dreams. God Bless You!

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