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Friday, September 24, 2010


There are no impossible dreams; only our perception of what is possible. What do you perceive to be possible? Do you believe you will live your wildest dreams or do you put it off because you don’t think you can accomplish them? Do you set big goals with an expectancy to hit them or do you just drift through life hoping someday your live will become perfect? Do you expect big things from yourself or do you just settle for mediocrity? Reach for those seemingly impossible dreams and make them a reality.

What do you think is possible for yourself and your future? If you believe something is impossible, it will be impossible…for you. If you think something is possible, it will be possible for you. What we accomplish in life depends on what we believe as much as what we do. We must take action in our lives to live our dreams, but we must also believe that action is worthwhile. If we believe we are trying to solve an impossible equation, we will eventually give up. If we know someday we will succeed, we will persist, we will endure, we will be resilient, and we will put in the work necessary. Believe you will succeed. Believe you will live your dreams.

Life is about so much more than just waiting around, hoping something great will happen. Many people live their lives waiting for the opportunity to knock on their door, not realizing the door is open and the opportunity is waiting for us to walk outside and meet it. Don’t wait for something to come across your path. Don’t let yourself get caught up in what you think might be impossible. Set big goals and go after them! Go after them with a determination that you will overcome any obstacle, that you will defeat adversity, that you will make the impossible possible.

I hope you believe you can create an amazing life. Don’t let yourself get bogged down by what seems improbable. Improbable is not impossible. The small minded people thought flight was impossible while it was simply improbable. Some thought running a four-minute-mile was impossible until one person accomplished that feat and opened a door for many others to accomplish it as well. What seems impossible in your life? What is simply improbable? What is possible? It is possible to accomplish your biggest goals. Finish the next sentence for yourself. It is possible for me to… It is possible to live your wildest dreams. What goals have you thought were impossible? It is possible to … It is possible... Go after life. Nothing is impossible if you believe. It is possible to create and live an extraordinary life! God Bless You!

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